Our mission: Music lessons that make a difference

We strive to deliver the highest quality music education anywhere – methodically, personally and musically. Modern Music School chose its name for a reason, our concept is modern, our teachers are modern, and the music we play is modern.

Our teachers are passionate pro musicians as well as certified music coaches. We’ve trained them extensively to ensure that all Modern Music School students have the best possible learning experience.
We care deeply about the “how” and “what” of learning music: In collaboration with music education experts and an international team of authors, we continually improve our teaching methods and techniques and update our learning contents.
From pop songs to rock songs to heavy metal and country – our students decide what they want to play. We inspire with our passion for music and create optimal learning experiences.
    Modern Music School teachers work as independent contractors of the school. We verify everyones’s qualifications before we make them part of our team, and expect frequent attendance at our internal teacher training seminars. We offer a broad variety of continuing education classes to ensure that every single one of our 80 Modern Music Schools offers the same high quality music education. It’s an investment that pays off: our students - and their parents - are inspired, happy, and satisfied.

The music lesson as the high point of the week

At Modern Music School, students get to play the most recent songs from today’s most popular bands. We teach kids, teens, and adults, and are committed to showing them how to truly enjoy music. We take their interests, goals and desires to heart and make learning fun, because whenever learning becomes fun, it becomes easy. For some students, fun is coming to music lessons to wind down after a stressful work day, for others, it’s getting together with friends and rocking out in a group lesson — whichever it is, we’re here to give them the guidance and encouragement they need to succeed. Regardless of whether our students are playing for pleasure or are working towards a professional career — we see them rejoice in their progress, have fun and come back for more.
Your advantage as school manager: highly motivated students, long lasting relationships and trusted referrals.
Motivating content with the best instructional methods
Those methods are tuned optimally to the students’ abilities and musical taste
A large customer connection and convincing recommendations!

More than just lessons

From day one we knew teaching music is about much more than simply teaching technical skills and theory. Our approach to music is more holistic. We don’t center our lessons on learning an instrument as fast and effectively as possible alone, we think more broadly about the effects learning music has on other skills, like motivation, focus, resilience and creativity.

Our music lessons are designed to address and promote these skills. We make sure we’re providing students with inner resources they’ll draw on for the rest of their lives. In this way, music lessons become specialized-skills training on all levels. By looking at music apprehension holistically, music lessons begin to promote the exact skills psychologists and educational experts highlight as the key skills for a successful, balanced and happy life.

Your advantage as school manager: successful and happy students, promotion of excellency and a sense of purpose